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Our thoughts are with you Orlando

We are living in a scary world.  I’d like to think that I have all the answers . . . but I don’t.  Call me old fashioned, but I think that our society is going down the drain . . .  fast.

We’ve lost our moral compass and we need to get back on track quick.  Have a talk with your family today and let your kids know that we really need to love one another no matter what our differences in ideology are.

Let’s take back America and live in a world that doesn’t hate each other and focus on what is important.  God bless America.

Is Lipstick Bad for You?

I was browsing the news today and came across an interesting article titled “Gauging the health risk of lead in lipstick.”  Given all the news in Michigan concerning lead in the water, are we adding more fear to the fire?

The study showed that Chinese lipsticks and lip glosses had a range of .2-10,185 mg/kg of lead concentration.  The average was around 500 mg/kg.  Lipsticks made in the US only had an average of 1mg/kg.  Tests on mice show that about 25-95% of the lead is absorbed in the bloodstream.  These researchers predict that the average use of lipstick and lip gloss is about 2.4 applications a day would cause concern of lead dosing in humans.  Applying more than 8 applications per day exceeds FDA recommended lead intake limit.

Key point is here that women shouldn’t be using lip gloss or lipstick made in China if they’re pregnant.  Check your labels gals.



There is nothing that makes my stomach turn as much as someone puking . . . whether it be a kid or a pet.  It’s the smell.  I can’t stand it.  Just call me a sympathy puker!



Do you remember the barf-o-rama scene in the movie Stand By Me?  I nearly puked watching that, LOL.  Why, because it’s disgusting!

There’s actually been research done on things like this.  It’s been shown that with some behaviors, your some of your brain is processing not only when you’re doing the activity, but when you’re watching it.  Perhaps that’s why I want to barf on the dirty carpet when I see my dog do it! Continue reading Vomitting

Chest Pains

If you’re having chest pains, don’t drive yourself to the hospital.

I heard about someone the other day that was having chest pains and drove himself to the hospital.  I thought, what the heck.  Not only are you putting your own life in jeopardy, you’re putting others on the road at risk.

I think every article that I’ve ever read that talks about chest pains mentions to not drive.  Why do so many folks still do it?

Seems like common sense.  Maybe it’s the overwhelming fear and reluctance of riding in an ambulance or your neighbors seeing you with a problem?  I don’t know.  Just don’t do it people.


Hello there!

This is our new and exciting medical blog.  We love our new domain and look forward to writing some relevant and useful content.

Check back often for new updates.  If you’d like to guest post, let us know and we’ll provide details.  Thanks for checking in!

I’ll leave you with this right now.  I love watching old medical videos (especially if they’re military or government ones).  LOL.  Check it out …