Get that beach body back!

I was talking to my friend (shout out to Jessica, the owner at the best hardwood flooring company!) about how summer is approaching.  Every female knows what that means . . . bathing suit weather.  We have a few weeks t get that body back to summer standards.  LOL.

Here are my tricks of the trade:

  • Drink more water
  • Use accessories with your suit
  • Avoid the carbs
  • Stand tall and use great posture
  • Get enough sleep
  • Work on that butt!
  • Slim the thighs
  • Abs!
  • Think sexy with that bikini

Drink more water – This will help you fill up rather than going for the calorie loaded sodas and snacks.

Use accessories with your suit – Take the focus off the troubled area.  Use a sexy coverup or a great necklace so it brings the focus to your cleavage.  Wear cutoff jeans if your blessed with a great booty.

Avoid the carbs – They make you retain water and that’s going to show in your belly.  Fuel up on protein packed meals.

Stand Tall –  This gives yourself self confidence and makes you look slimmer when you’re not hunched over.

Get enough sleep – It’s no secret that your body’s metabolism works while you sleep.  Studies show that sleeping at least 6-8 hours a night gets your metabolism on track.

Butt – A perky butt always looks good.  Work it.

Slim the thighs – Focus on your thighs during your workouts.

Abs – Do some crunches in your off time.  Watching TV?  Every commercial break during a show is a great opportunity to do some crunches or a plank exercise.

Bikini – If you boobs are better looking than your thighs . . . make the focus there.  Reverse, if the opposite is true.

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